Monday, 4 October 2010

Birth of a Serving Girl

The file is intended for all 'girls' who are curious about Domestic Service. The personality of a young, French serving girl will be implanted on your mind where she will teach you, talk to you and eventually take you over completely. It is a rather long and detailed file and the first in a series. This first file will instil a feminine, gentle and submissive personality, may lower IQ and will increase your submissive desires. It will also create a feminine body image in your mind and teach you how to control your new found female sexuality. It is not however a sex based file. Becoming a maid is a long and arduous journey and not for everybody. It is not about tottering about in a frilly apron fulfilling some cross dressing fantasy but about giving yourself completely to a Dominant and learning that any needs you may have just aren't important. They aren't important at all because you are just the maid. This file will help you develop the right mindset and would be perfect for any girls considering presenting themselves to a Superior as a potential domestic servant.

Birth of a Serving Girl - $30

1 comment:

  1. I love this file and begun listening to it and the reinforcer daily. Can't wait for more in the series!!!!!!

    I really like that it's not sexy like other files of its kind. Keep up the excellent work!