Monday, 4 October 2010

Hello girls

Welcome to The International Feminization Conspiracy.  If you are unfortunate enough to be male then you will be changed by what you find here.  But that's ok.  That's really okay.  We both know, deep down, that this is something you want.  So why not just relax, take my hand and let me lead you along the first few steps of your journey.

To get you used to the idea why not listen to one of the training files set to take American men by storm.

More of an old fashioned curse than a traditional hypnosis file, this file will separate the men from the sissies. This file will have no, or little, effect on most men, however some sissy types may find themselves impotent with women, lusting over guys and wearing panties. The curse cannot be removed, by me or anyone else, for reasons which will be obvious if you listen.

Listen if you dare ...


  1. No matter how turned on you get, don't even think of listening to this file. Put it right out of your mind and don't think about it at all. Downloading it might allow your thoughts to calm down some, but as enormously exciting and stimulating as it is, your manhood might be just too weak for it, so just don't even think about it for a second, don't give in to the temptation to get turned on and stimulated...

  2. *uck! Too late. What has been listened, cannot be unlistened. Seed is planted, and it's growing. Whether i wanted it or not.

  3. This really has to be the most dangerous file on the whole net - if you happen to have sissy tendencies. Heed this warning, don´t listen to this file if you are not totally sure you will be able to withstand. I was not, and now i am doomed

  4. I'm going to listen to this on a loop for 24 hours. Cure or curse, we'll see.

  5. It's one incredible file, wow!

  6. Well, i lost at the end, couldn't help it.

  7. Like **OMG** girlfriends, this first LMS file is so **YUMMY n DELISHUS** I just don't know where to begin **giggles** I think listening to this file and the rest of the LMS series will take all of us to new heights of feminization, sissification and bimboization **YAY**

    **UMM** so this first LMS file is a curse to test your manhood and help you decide where you belong in life **OMG** girlfriends you must beware the permanence of listening as this file is like an activation code for all the sissy tendencies you were born with but have been hiding or that have remained repressed all your life.

    The file will not affect real men but even if you are a real man and have any doubts then the file lets you take a test to decide for yourself. Its different for sissies though, especially those who have been hiding their true nature all their lives. For them, this curse file and the LMS series is a trigger to live the life of a little miss squidgy who can't get hard for girls and who lives out her dreams of sucking cock and being fed with cum **OMG doesn't that sound YUMMY**

    **MMM** I failed the real man test miserably in this file leading me to be sealed as a little miss squidgy forever **YAY** Although I was not surprised based on all that I know about my own sissy tendencies, it still felt SOO GOOD to be affirmed with the seal of a little miss squidgy **tee hee** I felt so proud :)

    **OMG** girls the file recounts some scenarios we had growing up that contrasts the roles we saw ourselves performing, how we dressed, and whether we imagined ourselves with a throbbing erection or a shriveled-up wee wee at the touch of a girl. These scenarios were like reliving my past and brought so much into perspective for me as I was never very good at sports, tried on panties and bras as a young teen and never had many sexcapades with girls and those that I did failed miserably more often than not. The scenarios used by Ms Julie describe my life in such detail that I cannot help but realize how much more superior the insights and meaning assigned to events of Ms Julie are to my own.

    Among many other yummy things Ms Julie also confronts listeners with a hypothetical bra and panty buying scenario that is meant to reveal something to the listener about how much of a real man or sissy she really is **giggles** If it turns out you're a little miss squidgy like I am, you'll not only be sure to never have sex with a woman again but you'll be constantly checking out guys, their bulges and wondering how big their penis and balls are **YUM**

    I know this file will be sure to invade your every thought and deed **YAY** much like it is doing to me right now **DOUBLE YAY** Best of all, I think this file and the LMS series will help any of us take our feminization, sissification and bimboization to a much deeper, fuller, permanent level.

    Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany xoxo