Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sissy Cocksucker: Cure or Curse 2 - $30

Here is your last chance to cure yourself of all your sissy desires. Real guys should be completely cured by the file, however natural born sissies cannot be changed and this file may make them worse. Natural born sissies may find themselves cursed to be a sissy cocksucker for the rest of their lives, with all that entails. But at least you will know princess. Are you brave enough to find out? It will help if you have listened to the first file in this series, however that is not entirely necessary. As with the first, this file is rather filthy.

Sissy Cocksucker: Cure or Curse 2

You can also download Part 1 at: Sissy Cocksucker: Cure or Curse 1

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Little Miss Squidgy: Sissy Forever

This file is designed to make you a cock sucking sissy for the rest of your life. It is perfect to be used in conjunction with the other files in the Little Miss Squidgy series and will help to permanently lock in place all of your sissy desires and behavior. Do make sure this is what you want princess as there will simply be no going back if you listen to this file.

 Little Miss Squidgy: Sissy Forever $25

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