Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Little Miss Squidgy: Panties - FREE

This file will cause you to become so obsessed with panties you will go out and buy enough pairs to be able to wear them every day. It will take over your life and the thought of wearing panties will cause you to imagine being made love to as a woman by a sexy guy. This file is permanent and cannot be removed. This file is based on the Little Miss Squidgy curse and if used as part of that it will greatly increase the effectiveness of that curse. However references to the original curse file are fleeting and so it is also perfect to be used as a stand alone file. This file should not cause impotence unless it is used in conjunction with the other files in the Little Miss Squidgy series, however it will cause you to wear panties every day for the rest of your life. Enjoy Princess.


"Went out to buy a panty today. Found so many lovely ones in the lingerie store that I ended up buying 5. I now have 8 in all and enough to last me for the week between the washings."

"beware... if you want to wear panties for the rest of your life then listen to this file... otherwise stay away!!!!"

(The file is free however you will need to register with the site. Registration is also free)

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  2. How many times and in which order should i listen all these files to get the best effect?


  3. Oh I feel so feminine when I'm wearing my soft silky panties Oh but my boy friend makes me feel so womanly when he takes them off of me and uses me for his manly pleasures Yes my Paul has a way of making me feel so feminine he dose things to me that makes me feel so womanly Yes Paul really loves womanizing me He knows how I enjoy dressing in my feminine attire the two of us have such a lovely relationship He knows how I love being feminine and dose every thing he can to keep me that way He loves fucking me and I love being fucked Its so wonderful to have a man as beautiful as he is Doll baby