Thursday, 29 November 2012

Becoming A Girly Girl: The Prettiest Princess: $25

This file is designed to permanently change your mind so you always think and behave like the girliest of girls. You will desire to experiment with the girliest clothing, think about the girliest things and act in a thoroughly girlish manner at all times. You will think of my words as like a mother speaking to a young girl as together we teach you how to act around other girls and guys. This file will not make you attracted to guys, that is for later, but you may feel any attraction you have felt towards to other girls begin to diminish. This file is completely non sexual, but rather a foundation file for a new series which will aim to bring about all the changes that the Little Miss Squidgy files are famous for, but in a much gentler manner. Are you ready to be the prettiest princess? 

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  1. **OMG** Ms Julie, Becoming a Girly Girl - The Prettiest Princess is my new mantra. I have listened to this file now for 3 days in a row now and will continue to do so until I am ready for the next in your series - Sexuality Changer - which I just purchased **YAY**

    I have never listened to a file where every word felt so measured and so perfect for where I am now in my journey to be a fully feminized, sissified girly girl bimbo. Everything you say just feels **magical** and I have now willingly embraced your pledge to make the girliest choice in every decision I now make for the rest of my life

    Love, hugz n cuddles fromn your girly girl Br♥ttany **SPARKLE**

  2. Dear Ms Julie,

    I completely understand and accept the need to rewire my mind to become the girly girl I have always wanted to become.

    I understand and accept that hearing the words girl, girly, or girlish will always lead to a tingle of excitement and euphoria causing me to remember your every word and to remind me how much I am changing into a girly girl.

    I know I must learn to experience all those things girly girls experienced growing up and that playing dress up and putting on makeup as often as possible, wearing tutus and fairy wings or even tying pink ribbons in my hair or around my little wee wee are very appropriate ways for me to learn how to become a girly girl.

    I understand and accept that the more girly I feel the happier and fluffier I get, and the happier and fluffier I get the more girly things I will do, and the more girly things I do the more girly I will feel **giggles**

    I understand and accept that while boys may be interested in sports, cars, video games and action movies, I find these interests incredibly silly and boring and dumb to even talk about let alone do. I would much rather spend my time talking with other girls about important and interesting things like fashion, makeup, popstars and romantic movies or novels. This is appropriate as I am one of the girls and not one of the boys.

    I understand and accept that girly girls keep their bodies smooth by removing all body hair and by exfoliating and moisturizing regularly, clean themselves with only girly scented soaps and floral, fragrant shampoos, and wear perfume, makeup (lips plumped and glossed, mascara, nails) and appropriate clothing (panties, bras and hose) each and every day.

    I know I have the freedom and desire to explore everthing girly girls experience over their lives whether that be reading a girly comic, playing with dolls, watching a girly TV show or movie, reading a girly magazine or romantic novel, playing dress-up, getting made up, dancing in front of a mirror, or anything else. I do all this freely without ever feeling embarassed, shy or silly.

    I acknowledge that being a girly girl is all I want and my listening to your files only proves to me how much I want and need your maternal, magic words to feed me and take over every aspect of my psyche and guide every decision I make for the rest of my life.

    Being a girly girl is like a hunger now that I cannot fully satisfy and which will draw me increasingly into more girly interests and activities, habits and rituals that will create physical changes in my mind that can never be undone. I know and welcome the thought that this hunger will lead me to absorb as much girly girl conditioning as possible knowing that the more I allow this conditioning to penetrate the core of my being, the more it will drive the last of my yucky male ego away.

    Thank you for your inspiring work. I am ready to move on to Sexuality Changer when you feel I am ready.

    Love Always, Br♥ttany **BURSTING**