Sunday, 10 February 2013

MsJ - Becoming A Girly Girl: Sexuality Changer: $25

This file will increase your femininity and help you develop a girly girl attitude with your little head full of fashion, make up and beauty. More importantly this file is designed to completely remove any trace of sexual attraction you have ever felt towards women. Girly girls don't like other girls in a sexual way and neither will you. This file is intense and not for the faint-hearted. It does contain some references to becoming attracted to guys, but the main purpose of the file is to permanently remove any attraction to other women. Understand if you listen to this file that it is unlikely that you will ever be capable of making love to a woman again. 

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  1. **Like OMG**

    I couldn't help myself anymore and I just had to start Ms Julie's Becoming a Girly Girl: Sexuality Changer having listened now three times in the last 2 days and overnight on loop last night **giggles** I feel like I can't stop listening to it and tonight I will likely listen on loop again as I have been sleeping alone now for the past week, first with the Ms Julie's the Prettiest Princess on loop and now with Sexuality Changer

    By now, of course, I think of myself as ready to take my inner girl to a whole new level **YAY** and I have now made the sacred vow Sexuality Changer asks you to make about commiting to the lifestyle of a heterosexual girly girl and all that entails from an obsession with beauty, fashion and cosmetics to demystifying everything about being a woman to choosing female as my gender for all to know me by and to having a sexual preference for men only **DOUBLE YAY**

    I have not been attracted to being with a women for some time now but I like the idea that this file will help me purge myself of any residual feelings of attraction I may have had in the past due to my erroneous socialization as a male. I like to think of this period now as one in which I was confusing admiration of women for sexual attraction, a point made clear to me by my failed sexcapades with girls growing up and my current attempts at developing a more feminine body through the use of BreastActives capsules n cream, lip plumping and creating a bald little clitty for myself **giggles** I want n admire everything a woman wants, and embrace the paradox of loving my own womanly features but not those of other women at least in a sexual way. I have already adopted the practice recommended by Ms Julie of limiting my eye contact of all women in public to only their shoes and handbag and will do this until I know in my heart I understand the difference between admiration and attraction which I'm pretty sure is not far off **teehee**

    **MMM** and I love the thought of only feeling aroused at a man and the thought of his big stiff cock sliding in and out of my hands, mouth or pussy makes we squeal with delight **giggles** I love looking at big strong men's muscles and imaging how big thick and delishus the cock inside their pants might be **YUM** These feelings instinctively make me want to look my best for men and part of that is making myself even more petite to look as attractive as possible for a man and I know the women's fat burning ads that I get in email are a daily reminder of all I want in this way

    Even though I am now listening to Sexuality Changer the past several weeks of the Prettiest Princess file has been firmly etched into my mind and is causing me to bombard my every waking moment with girly experiences and I think my now complete replacement of romance novels (I'm on my 7th novel now **giggles**) for all sports is a perfect example. I don't miss dumb sports like hockey or basketball right now and couldn't care less about upcoming baseball or football. I have a girly playlist of tv shows and movies to watch now when I'm not reading romance novels and I find this meaningful unlike a silly dumb sports game that is just kinda boring to me and that I can't even believe I used to watch **giggles**

    Love you all, Br♥ttany **BURSTING**

  2. Well MsJ I think you've won. Having listened to Little Miss Squidgy about two years ago I haven't had any girls and am getting more and more addicted to listening to files that reinforce all of the 'rules' set out in that file. This file is nice too. Like Brittany I am using your ingenius bags and shoes rule when looking at girls:)

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