Thursday, 27 July 2017

Sexuality Changer Reloaded Starring Mistress Var

This recording is a remixed version of my Becoming A Girly Girl: Sexuality Changer file and features the voice of Mistress Var, a no nonsense London based professional dominatrix and expert in petticoat punishment.  So relax and enjoy over one hour of detailed hypnotic instructions that will help to change your sexuality permanently.

This file will increase your femininity and help you develop a girly girl attitude with your little head full of fashion, make up and beauty. More importantly this file is designed to completely remove any trace of sexual attraction you have ever felt towards women.
Girly girls don't like other girls in a sexual way and neither will you. This file is intense and not for the faint-hearted. It does contain some references to becoming attracted to guys, but the main purpose of the file is to permanently remove any attraction to other women. Understand if you listen to this file that it is unlikely that you will ever be capable of making love to a woman again.

1h4m58s $20 Available now on Warp My Mind at:

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