Sunday, 28 August 2016

Andi is sweet as candy, help her find a man to serve

This little thing begged me to post this photo here so she could be reminded of her delicate true nature.  Andi is the sweetest little cock-puppet but sometimes has silly thoughts that she could somehow function as a heterosexual typical male.  I imagine anyone looking at this photograph would be rather amused at such a notion.  In all my time training sissies I have never seen such a pansy.  Beware girls if Andi approaches you she is only interested in getting into your panty drawer.  This little minx is 100% gay from now on.  Too gay I believe to even serve a Mistress.  She needs a man, please help her.

Andi's fate is sealed now and there is no turning back.  So why don't you encourage her to finally get out there and find a cock to serve.  And shave those legs for heaven's sake Andi.

Andi can be contacted at:

In her own words:

"The reason why I decided to email you was I have started to listen to more of your files pertaining to men. One night after listening to your newer files 3 days of bimbo bliss & gay for a day, I decided to take a picture of my ass in a thong and I put an ad in the M4M section of Craigslist looking for an older, dominant man to fuck me. I was so nervous, but I had already hit the send button. Soon I had several replies, including several pictures of dicks. I have been trying to ignore it but I have kept responding to one of the guys and he suggested us going to a motel room so he can feel me in my panties & fuck me like the sissy I am. I have never done anything with a guy before, but I can't stop thinking about it what it would feel like to sit on his lap while wearing a little, red thong. Even when I forget about it I eventually come back to the thought of it or one of your files."

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Gay For a Day: $25

This file will make you gay for 24 hours. Whether you are a man or a sissy you will find yourself lusting after men and have cocks on the brain all the time if you listen to this powerful and erotic file. This is not a feminization file, although it is gender neutral so will be perfect for sissies, as well as all those who would like to experiment with a different sexuality. Whilst this is not a sissy file, you will not be one of those butch gay men, no, you will not be like that at all. You will become a gay little bottom boi, weak and submissive and in need of a strong man to take care of you. This file is powerfully addictive and if you are truly gay deep down then it may become permanent, after all, if you're gay for a day then you could end up staying that way,

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3 Days of Bimbo Bliss: $25

Are you ready princess? Are you ready for three days of pure bimbo bliss? This file - which begins with a gentle introduction that is just perfect for preparing and girlifying your little mind - will turn you into a completely feminized bimbo. Yes princess for three days you will become a giggling airhead with nothing but hot guys and their sexy bodies on the brain all the time. Any intelligence will simply drain away as your mind fills with thoughts of fashion and make-up and sucking cocks for a totally awesome three whole days. Make sure you take time to prepare princess, make a solemn promise to yourself that you will do everything possible to get the most out of this experience, and then slip on your headphones, lie back and let your mind melt away. Repeated listening may cause permanent intelligence loss and changes to your sexuality.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

MsJ - Becoming A Girly Girl: Sexuality Changer: $25

This file will increase your femininity and help you develop a girly girl attitude with your little head full of fashion, make up and beauty. More importantly this file is designed to completely remove any trace of sexual attraction you have ever felt towards women. Girly girls don't like other girls in a sexual way and neither will you. This file is intense and not for the faint-hearted. It does contain some references to becoming attracted to guys, but the main purpose of the file is to permanently remove any attraction to other women. Understand if you listen to this file that it is unlikely that you will ever be capable of making love to a woman again.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Becoming A Girly Girl: The Prettiest Princess: $25

This file is designed to permanently change your mind so you always think and behave like the girliest of girls. You will desire to experiment with the girliest clothing, think about the girliest things and act in a thoroughly girlish manner at all times. You will think of my words as like a mother speaking to a young girl as together we teach you how to act around other girls and guys. This file will not make you attracted to guys, that is for later, but you may feel any attraction you have felt towards to other girls begin to diminish. This file is completely non sexual, but rather a foundation file for a new series which will aim to bring about all the changes that the Little Miss Squidgy files are famous for, but in a much gentler manner. Are you ready to be the prettiest princess?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Very Happy Sissy Christmas: $25

This sweet and playful file will ensure that your sissy desires stay at the forefront of your little mind all through the holiday season. You will find yourself constantly re-triggered to remind you exactly who and what you are and this will help ensure that you will have cocks and panties on your mind all Christmas long. You may even develop a new crush on a hunky guy on Christmas Day - wouldn't that be exciting. Contains no impotence references. So enjoy princess and have a very happy, sissy Christmas time. This file will only be available through the holiday season.

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Friday, 9 December 2011

Cumslut: Happy Orgasms: $25

This file will pin you down, turn you into a woman and take you through a nasty little cumslut fantasy with an orgasm trigger. More than that however princess, this files contains instructions post orgasm to help you overcome any silly feelings of guilt or shame about who and what you are. All those girls who immediately take off their pretty clothes and try to forget what just happened as soon as they have come should be helped by this file. You will stay a cumslut, now and forever and feel much better about yourself. This is me being nice.

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