Thursday, 16 November 2017

Sissy Blossoms starring Mistress Clarissa

Do not be fooled by the gentle presentation of this file. This recording will compel you to finally give up any hope of living as a normal man and instead accept your life as a submissive sissy fuckpet. You will be given detailed instructions on the changes you need to make in your life so you can finally blossom and dissolve into the most delicious lifestyle where your only concern is attracting, teasing, and sexually satisfying as many men as possible. This file is likely to cause real change in your life and will affect how you interact with both men and women. You will be permanently horny, permanently submisive and permanently overwhelmed with a longing to be used like the sissy slut you are. Written and produced by by MsJ and voiced by professional London enchantress Mistress Clarissa, be prepared for a life-changing experience if you choose to download this file.

$25 43m47s
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New Hypnotic Recording: Sissy Slave Lullaby

The perfect file for insomniac sissies and all submissives with a feminine sense of identity. Let Mistress Clarissa's soft voice sooth you into the most beautiful sleep whilst she explains how deep your desire to be gentle, to be feminine and to be submissive is about to become. A gentle, relaxing experience,designed for those who sometimes have difficulty sleeping, this file is not to be under-estimated. You will be brainwashed to be a docile, obedient and feminine slave if you listen to this file and there will be no going back. You have been warned. Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by professional dominatrix and hypno-domme Mistress Clarissa.

24m14s $15 Available now on Warp My Mind at:

Monday, 14 August 2017

Pansy featuring Mistress Clarissa
This is not a nice file. This file will not lull you into a gentle, erotic sissy state but will instead explain exactly what you are and what I intend you to always be. You are the most pathetic of sissies, a complete pansy fucktoy who spends your life obsessing about sucking cock but never has the coinfidence to ever actually act on your fantasies. This file will explain exactly what kind of man you are not, and will never be, and teach you instead that you are the lowest of the low - a humiliation obsessed impotent little cocksucker who only exists as a source of amusement and ridicule to those around you. This file is perfect for all those closeted sissies sitting around in someone else's gaudy lingerie playing with their little pansy-sticks whilst looking at cocks on the internet. Contains deep and abrasive humiliation that will affect every area of your life. For serious humiliation junkies only. You have been warned pansy. Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by professional London based Dominatrix Mistress Clarissa.

40m00s $25 Available now on Warp My Mind at:

Panty Thief featuring Mistress Clarissa

A classic humiliation file for pantysluts everywhere, this file is aimed at all those sissies who have stolen a women's panties only to try them on and play with themselves.  You will be forced to atone for this behaviour, no matter how long it was since your last offence, and be given instructions on how your panty obsession can properly be managed in the future.  Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by professional London dominatrix Mistress Clarrisa, this recording includes deep humiliation but with a gentle touch for all those sissies who repent for their sins.  This file contains passing references to forced bisexuality, will increase your desire for submission and turn you into the perfect hypnotised pantyslut for the rest of your life. 

39m31s $25 Available now on Warp My Mind at:

Friday, 28 July 2017

Cock Destroyer Reinforced starring Mistress Clarisssa

A hypnotic loop designed to be listened to throughout the day or night which aims to permanently destroy your cock.  This recording is the perfect companion to our recent Cock Destroyer file, which feedback indicates is highly effective.  It is likely to work equally well if used on its own however so be careful this is what you want before you listen.  Contains forced impotence, penis shrinkage, deep humiliation and encouragement to become a submissive, sexually inadequate pansy for the rest of your life.  Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by professional London Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa. 

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Boy Crazy featuring Mistress Var

This recording is a remixed version of my Becoming A Girly Girl: Boy Crazy file and features the voice of Mistress Var, a no nonsense London based professional dominatrix and expert in petticoat punishment.
This file will help you continue your journey to permanently becoming the girliest of girls by ensuring that from now on sweetie, it is boys only. This file will work best if you have previously used the Sexuality Changer file in the same series to remove any lingering unwanted attraction towards women. However the file also works perfectly on its own to have you lusting over men in no time. You may find you develop a crush on a friend or co-worker, this will be more effective if you decide on which guy you want to choose for your first lust filled experience before listening. This is a sexy file, with some explicit language, and is designed to leave you wanting more. Go girl and get boy crazy forever!
1h27s $20 Available now from Warp My Mind at:
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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Sleeping Beauty starring Mistress Clarissa

An enchanting feminization file designed to be looped whilst you sleep. Close your eyes and drift away as Mistress Clarissa's softly commanding voice takes control of you as you dream and makes the changes you have needed for so long. This is not a typical sissy file, and contains no humiliation, but instead concentrates on transforming you into the sweet, submissive woman you have always been inside. Whilst a certain sluttishness will be installed, alongside a deep rooted desire to be fucked and hints of bisexuality, the main purpose of this recording is to give you confidence to become a delicate, feminine and obedient girl. This experience will be very powerful and you should only listen to this file if you are sure that you wish to live all, or at least some, of your life as a woman. Written and produced by feminization expert MsJ, you are likely to find this file to be life-changing.

18m06s £15 Available now on Warp My Mind at:
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