Sunday, 10 December 2017

Christmas Cuckold starring Mistress Clarissa

It will be lonely this Christmas for the pathetic prancing pansies who listen to this recording. because this file will turn you into a cuckold who is unlikely to ever have sex with a woman again. If you have a partner you can kiss goodbye to sex with her and instead will become fixated on finding a man who can actually satisfy her physical needs. And in the more likely event that you are single then from now on you will only find it possible to have a relationship with a woman who sleeps with other men, and not you. You may even find that you become jealous of her, as you find yourself craving to suck your partner's boyfriend's cock. You will certainly spend the entire holiday period becoming completely obsessed with thoughts of all those couples out there enjoying exotic and exciting sex lives whilst you sit at home night after night playing with your little sissy raisin like the pathetic pansy you are.

This file, written by Ms J and voiced by enchanting London Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa, uses extremely harsh humiliation and is most definitely not for the faint-hearted or sensitive souls. This is not a nice file and is suitable for serious humiliation junkies only. Happy Christmas sissies x

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Ultimate Gay Sissy Remix with Mistress Clarissa

A remixed version of my classic Ultimate Gay Sissy file voiced by professional Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa.

This file will turn you into the happy, horny and oh so gay sissy that you long to be inside. It will remove any lingering doubts or fears and have you on your knees sucking off some sexy guy in no time at all. It is perfect for novice sissies or cross-dressers but will also provide encouragement to those with more experience and even those straight guys who have been having secret sissy thoughts. Everything will become clear if you listen to this file, which contains references to cross dressing but is mostly about going out and finding a guy who will make love to you like the submissive little sissy you are. Be warned, this file is likely to completely change your sexuality until you can only become sexually aroused when you are thinking about sex with a man. And this change will last a lifetime.

48m33s $25 Available from Warp My Mind now at:

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Sissy Porn Brainwash Loop with Mistress Clarissa

This file is for all those sissy porn addicts who spend their lives staring at beautiful women on the screen and longing to be just like them.  Listen on loop and allow Mistress Clarissa's soft melodic voice to gently brainwash you into becoming more and more of a sissy cocksucker every single day.  This powerful file is extremely addictive and will leave you desperately edging to cocks over and over again but never reaching orgasm as you are slowly and permanently transformed into a hypnotised oral slut.  Consider this a warning = any sexual interest in women will be completely subverted to a longing to suck cock if you listen to this file and the effects are likely to last a lifetime.  Use headphones, load up your favourite porn site and listen on loop for as long as you dare.  Enjoy girls.  Written and produced by MsJ.

 $25  44m28s Available now on Warp My Mind at:
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Pansy Reinforced starring Mistress Clarissa

Another file for those who deserve the most degrading emasculation possible, this recording is designed to be looped and features all of the changes discussed in Pansy and Pansy The Sequel.  You will become impotent with women, you will crave humiliation, you will try - mostly unsuccessfully - to feminize yourself, you will become obsessed by men and their cocks and you will become physically weaker and much more submissive towards both women and men.  Whilst this file is designed to complement the previous two files it is also a useful entry point for those who suspect they might be a Pansy to explore exactly what that means.  This is not a nice file.  For serious humiliation junkies only.  Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by enchanting London Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa.

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Pansy The Sequel Starring Mistress Clarissa

Much like the first file in this series, this is not a nice file.  You will not be lulled into a gentle sissy state or transformed into a woman.  This file will turn you into a Pansy, a limp-wristed fairy, obsessed with humiliation and longing to push your emasculation further and further.  This recording is intended to shatter any pretence that you could ever be a man and so be warned this is likely to lead to real and lasting changes in your day to day life.  Changes such as permanent impotence, loss of physical strength, loss of your male confidence, loss of status, constant arousal and a burning desire to find a man, or lots of men, to treat you like the mincing Pansy cumqueen you have always longed to be inside.  Contains prolongued and severe humiliation and should only be listened to by the most truly pathetic creatures.  Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by enchanting London Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa.

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Sissy Blossoms starring Mistress Clarissa

Do not be fooled by the gentle presentation of this file. This recording will compel you to finally give up any hope of living as a normal man and instead accept your life as a submissive sissy fuckpet. You will be given detailed instructions on the changes you need to make in your life so you can finally blossom and dissolve into the most delicious lifestyle where your only concern is attracting, teasing, and sexually satisfying as many men as possible. This file is likely to cause real change in your life and will affect how you interact with both men and women. You will be permanently horny, permanently submisive and permanently overwhelmed with a longing to be used like the sissy slut you are. Written and produced by by MsJ and voiced by professional London enchantress Mistress Clarissa, be prepared for a life-changing experience if you choose to download this file.

$25 43m47s
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New Hypnotic Recording: Sissy Slave Lullaby

The perfect file for insomniac sissies and all submissives with a feminine sense of identity. Let Mistress Clarissa's soft voice sooth you into the most beautiful sleep whilst she explains how deep your desire to be gentle, to be feminine and to be submissive is about to become. A gentle, relaxing experience,designed for those who sometimes have difficulty sleeping, this file is not to be under-estimated. You will be brainwashed to be a docile, obedient and feminine slave if you listen to this file and there will be no going back. You have been warned. Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by professional dominatrix and hypno-domme Mistress Clarissa.

24m14s $15 Available now on Warp My Mind at: