Sunday, 10 February 2013

MsJ - Becoming A Girly Girl: Sexuality Changer: $25

This file will increase your femininity and help you develop a girly girl attitude with your little head full of fashion, make up and beauty. More importantly this file is designed to completely remove any trace of sexual attraction you have ever felt towards women. Girly girls don't like other girls in a sexual way and neither will you. This file is intense and not for the faint-hearted. It does contain some references to becoming attracted to guys, but the main purpose of the file is to permanently remove any attraction to other women. Understand if you listen to this file that it is unlikely that you will ever be capable of making love to a woman again.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Becoming A Girly Girl: The Prettiest Princess: $25

This file is designed to permanently change your mind so you always think and behave like the girliest of girls. You will desire to experiment with the girliest clothing, think about the girliest things and act in a thoroughly girlish manner at all times. You will think of my words as like a mother speaking to a young girl as together we teach you how to act around other girls and guys. This file will not make you attracted to guys, that is for later, but you may feel any attraction you have felt towards to other girls begin to diminish. This file is completely non sexual, but rather a foundation file for a new series which will aim to bring about all the changes that the Little Miss Squidgy files are famous for, but in a much gentler manner. Are you ready to be the prettiest princess?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Very Happy Sissy Christmas: $25

This sweet and playful file will ensure that your sissy desires stay at the forefront of your little mind all through the holiday season. You will find yourself constantly re-triggered to remind you exactly who and what you are and this will help ensure that you will have cocks and panties on your mind all Christmas long. You may even develop a new crush on a hunky guy on Christmas Day - wouldn't that be exciting. Contains no impotence references. So enjoy princess and have a very happy, sissy Christmas time. This file will only be available through the holiday season.

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Friday, 9 December 2011

Cumslut: Happy Orgasms: $25

This file will pin you down, turn you into a woman and take you through a nasty little cumslut fantasy with an orgasm trigger. More than that however princess, this files contains instructions post orgasm to help you overcome any silly feelings of guilt or shame about who and what you are. All those girls who immediately take off their pretty clothes and try to forget what just happened as soon as they have come should be helped by this file. You will stay a cumslut, now and forever and feel much better about yourself. This is me being nice.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Little Miss Squidgy: Panties - FREE

This file will cause you to become so obsessed with panties you will go out and buy enough pairs to be able to wear them every day. It will take over your life and the thought of wearing panties will cause you to imagine being made love to as a woman by a sexy guy. This file is permanent and cannot be removed. This file is based on the Little Miss Squidgy curse and if used as part of that it will greatly increase the effectiveness of that curse. However references to the original curse file are fleeting and so it is also perfect to be used as a stand alone file. This file should not cause impotence unless it is used in conjunction with the other files in the Little Miss Squidgy series, however it will cause you to wear panties every day for the rest of your life. Enjoy Princess.

"Went out to buy a panty today. Found so many lovely ones in the lingerie store that I ended up buying 5. I now have 8 in all and enough to last me for the week between the washings."

"beware... if you want to wear panties for the rest of your life then listen to this file... otherwise stay away!!!!"

(The file is free however you will need to register with the site. Registration is also free)

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sissy Cocksucker: Cure or Curse 2 - $30

Here is your last chance to cure yourself of all your sissy desires. Real guys should be completely cured by the file, however natural born sissies cannot be changed and this file may make them worse. Natural born sissies may find themselves cursed to be a sissy cocksucker for the rest of their lives, with all that entails. But at least you will know princess. Are you brave enough to find out? It will help if you have listened to the first file in this series, however that is not entirely necessary. As with the first, this file is rather filthy.

Sissy Cocksucker: Cure or Curse 2

You can also download Part 1 at: Sissy Cocksucker: Cure or Curse 1

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Little Miss Squidgy: Sissy Forever

This file is designed to make you a cock sucking sissy for the rest of your life. It is perfect to be used in conjunction with the other files in the Little Miss Squidgy series and will help to permanently lock in place all of your sissy desires and behavior. Do make sure this is what you want princess as there will simply be no going back if you listen to this file.

 Little Miss Squidgy: Sissy Forever $25