Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sissy Slave Lullaby 4 starring Mistress Clarissa

The latest soothing installment in our Sissy Slave Lullaby series will help to turn you into the girliest of girls. Let Mistress Clarissa's soft voice lull you into the deepest of sleeps as she teaches you exactly what it means to become a gentle submissive girl. This file focusses on behaviour change, instructing you how to manage a beauty regime, and how to concentrate on walking, talking, moving and thinking like a passive obedient girl. Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by Mistress Clarissa, this recording invokes powerful brainwashing techniques which will not just turn you into a girl but a very feminine submissive girl. Let us into your dreams my flower and sleep deeply and soundly all night long. This file is also perfect for sissy insomniacs as a sleep aid.

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Pussy Free Sissy starring Mistress Clarissa

By special request here is a version of my Pussy Free Sissy file voiced by Mistress Clarissa for all those addicted to her enchanting hypnosis. The script has been modified slightly but remains largely the same as the original.

Are you brave enough to take this important step sissy? This file will ensure that you never touch a women's pussy again. This file will ensure that you never even see a women's pussy again. This file will ensure that any future prospects of sexual activity with women are destroyed completely. In time you will lose any feelings of sexual attraction towards women and they will not have any feelings of sexual attraction towards you. You will however find that your obsession with men's cocks becomes over-whelming. A classic MsJ file, understand that if you listen to this file you will never make love to a woman again for the rest of your life. You have been warned, are you ready to become a pussy free sissy?

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Homosexual Exposure Loop starring Mistress Clarissa

A devious little loop for all those old school closet homosexuals who like to dress as girls and have lots of sex with dominant men whether in reality or just in your fantasies. Listen on loop throughout the day as Mistress Clarissa's soothing voice explains exactly what a pathetic mincing Pansy you are and why public exposure is inevitable. You are not a proud gay man, and you are not even a fabulous sissy, you are a closet homosexual, too scared to accept yourself, to pathetic to be the person you need to be and you will stay that way right up until you expose yourself and then everything will change. And you will expose yourself, you will take more and more risks becaue the thought of everyone knowing that you are a cross dressing cocksucking pansy turns you on more than anything else. So listen at your own risk, this file could change your life. Rewritten and produced by MsJ with input from and voiced by Mistress Clarissa.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Sissy Slave Lullaby Part 3 with Mistress Clarissa

Are you ready to become the girliest of girls? To become girlier than any girl? To become a compliant and perfectly submissive sissy? This file builds on the previous two recordings in this series to help you develop a naturally passive and obedient personality but it also has a much stronger element of feminization. Listen on loop whilst you sleep at night and you will be sissified, lose all male interests and just love learning about fashion, cosmetics and all those lovely girly things you have dreamed about for so long. You will long to be as feminine as possible in every area of your life and it will be such a lovely feeling that you might even take things so far and emerge almost as a pastiche of what it means to be a girl. You will be a hyper-feminised sissy, always sinking deeper under my spell in this powerful recording written and produced by me and voiced by enchanting London Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa. This file will be most effective if used in conjunction with the previous Sissy Slave Lulaby files however it will work as a stand alone file. So just lie down sweetie, close your eys and let our words turn you into the girliest girl it is possible to be.

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Sissy For Life - Mistress Clarissa featuring MsJ

This file is perfect for all those silly sissies who spend their lives obsessing over their sissy identity and then purging and denying their true nature. Mistress Clarissa will take you into a deep hypnotic trance where she will examine your sissy desires and provide detailed instruction on how to make changes to your life that will trap you as a cumslut forever. Written and voiced by Mistress Clarissa, with additional material from MsJ, this recording is likely to be life changing and will set you on the path to becoming a feminized cum-crazed sissy who only cares about being submissive to your Mistress, being pretty, and preparing for life as a cocksucker. Features panty shopping, Female domination, chastity, forced bi, feminization, humiliation, behaviour modification.

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Sissy Sunrise starring Mistress Clarissa

The perfect accompaniment to the ongoing Sissy Slave Lullaby series, this file is designed to be listened first thing in the morning to help you prepare your day as a sweet submissive slavegirl. This recording will reinforce all of the conditioning from the Sissy Slave Lullaby loops ensuring that you will be compliant, docile and obedient all day long, however it is not necessary to have listened to these files first. Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by enchanting London Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa, this file will prove an important step in transforming you into a sweet obedient girl. Do not be fooled, when used in conjunction with the sleep loops this file will prove devastatingly effective as you spend each day in a lovely sissy trance, completely brainwashed and thinking only of submission.

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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Sissy Housewife starring Mistress Clarissa

Every good sissy longs to be a bride and so will you my sweet. Ths file is intended to begin the process of turning you into a sissy housewife. You will be encouraged to not just find men attractive but to feel over-whelmed by romantic love at the thought of being a perfectly obedient wife for your husband. You will become obsessed with the thought of weddings and finding a man to marry as this sexy file prepares you for a life of sexual and domestic servitude. This is the first part of a very powerful series so only listen if you are prepared and happy to make changes to your life that will last a lifetime. Witten and produced by MsJ and voiced by enchanting London Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa.

49m38s $25 Available now on Niteflirt at: