Monday, 12 June 2017

Pussy Free Sissy

Are you brave enough to take this important step sissy? This file will ensure that you never touch a women's pussy again. This file will ensure that you never even see a women's pussy again. This file will ensure that any future prospects of sexual activity with women are destroyed completely. In time you will lose any feelings of sexual attraction towards women and they will not have any feelings of sexual attraction towards you. You will however find that your obsession with men's cocks becomes over-whelming. A classic MsJ file, featuring the original TTS voice, understand that if you listen to this file you will never make love to a woman again for the rest of your life. You have been warned, are you ready to become a pussy free sissy?

$25 45m21s

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

For only the most pathetic sissies. Let Women's Feet & Men's Cocks rule your life.

Prepare yourself to be sexually destroyed by this devastatingly humiliating file which will leave you as nothing more than a pathetic, prancing sissy whose entire sexuality is devoted to serving women's feet and men's cocks. Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by the enchanting Mistress Clarissa, this recording is perfect for those silly sissies who spend all day playing with themselves to thoughts of serving a Mistress or sucking off a man. Contains forced-bi, deep humiliation, foot worship, sexual anxiety and aversion to women (except their feet), cross-dressing and a powerful imperative to accept that you are just a worthless sissy who is good for nothing except kissing women's feet and sucking men's cocks. You have been warned sissy, tread carefully with this file.

$25 43m04s

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Cock Destroyer

This extremely powerful hypnotic file will completely destroy any sexual function you have as a man. A classic MsJ file, featuring the original text to speech voice, this recording will ensure that you are never able to make love as a male again. Your ability to have erections even when you are alone will be significantly reduced and may disappear completely. This file is also likely to cause severe penis shrinkage. This file is aimed at both sissies and sexually indequate males who long to finally rid themselves of any potential sexual prowess at all. Do not listen unless that is what you want. You have been warned.

$25  38m41s

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Time For Re-programming: Slave Training Loop starring Mistress Clarissa

Have you always dreamed of complete slavery to another? Then let Ms Julie and Mistress Clarissa teach you exactly what that means. A wonderful compliment to the recent Slave file, and equally valuable as a stand alone experience, this recording will help you learn exactly what it means to be a slave to a dominant woman. Listen on loop and allow Mistress Clarissa's melodic voice entice you into acceptoing your role in life as a pet, a puppet, a possession ... a slave. The file is gender neutral on the part of the subject and contains references to submission, foot and boot worship, servitide and accepting physical punishment. You will also receive a copy of the script, for private use only, which can be used by Dominants to record their own version of the file should your Mistress be kind enough.

22m36s $20

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Basic Maid Training Starring Mistress Clarissa — $25

Nobody cares what the maid thinks ...

Thie file is aimed at all those who wish to serve a Mistress or Master as a feminized or sissy domestic maid. You will be taught exactly what service submission requires and precisely where your place is in the world - which is as a uniformed maid scurrying to and fro serving your Dominant. You will learn how to manage any distracting sexual urges and find that your sexuality becomes orientated towards submission and nothing else. Nobody cares what the maid thinks and nobody will care what you think ever again if you listen to this file. They will simply care that you serve efficiently and with a smile on your face like a good girl. Written and produced by MsJ and featuring the strict English accent of lifestyle and professional dominatrix Mistress Clarissa, this file is perfect for those considering domestic service and will also prove a useful tool for those involved in training household maids

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Edge For Real Men Starring Mistress Clarissa — $25

Are you ready to begin your training sissy? This very sexual file is designed to teach sissies to only gain pleasure from becoming a submissive little fucktoy for a dominant man. The listener will be taken through a series of erotic situations, each time bringing herself just to the point of orgasm before stopping, and sinking, and listening to the words. The file will also decrease sexual feelings towards women, but the main purpose of this exercise is to teach you to become deeply and powerfully attracted to men, of all shapes and sizes. By the time you have finished, if you manage to finish, you will be the perfect sissy slut for any man who chooses to use you. Isn't that exciting sweetie? Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by the enchanting Mistress Clarissa. To listen to a free sample visit:

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

MsJ: Diagnosis Sissy featuring Mistress Clarissa

Scientists agree that there are four criteria which need to be present before a subject can confidently be diagnosed as a sissy. This file will take you through those steps and as such is perfect for those who have perhaps become curious about feminization, or who have confusing thoughts about their sexuality. This recording will examine your deepest desires and help to assess whether it is perhaps best for you to explore the sissy lifestyle in more depth. This important experience will also help to measure the depth of your sexual attraction to both men and women. So why not take some time to explore your true nature and sexuality with this powerfully erotic file voiced by the enchanting Mistress Clarissa and written and produced by MsJ. Please note that those who meet all four diagnostic criteria will find this recording to be a life changing experience.  40m04s $25.00

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