Thursday, 4 May 2017

For only the most pathetic sissies. Let Women's Feet & Men's Cocks rule your life.

Prepare yourself to be sexually destroyed by this devastatingly humiliating file which will leave you as nothing more than a pathetic, prancing sissy whose entire sexuality is devoted to serving women's feet and men's cocks. Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by the enchanting Mistress Clarissa, this recording is perfect for those silly sissies who spend all day playing with themselves to thoughts of serving a Mistress or sucking off a man. Contains forced-bi, deep humiliation, foot worship, sexual anxiety and aversion to women (except their feet), cross-dressing and a powerful imperative to accept that you are just a worthless sissy who is good for nothing except kissing women's feet and sucking men's cocks. You have been warned sissy, tread carefully with this file.

$25 43m04s

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