Thursday, 23 February 2017

MsJ: Diagnosis Sissy featuring Mistress Clarissa

Scientists agree that there are four criteria which need to be present before a subject can confidently be diagnosed as a sissy. This file will take you through those steps and as such is perfect for those who have perhaps become curious about feminization, or who have confusing thoughts about their sexuality. This recording will examine your deepest desires and help to assess whether it is perhaps best for you to explore the sissy lifestyle in more depth. This important experience will also help to measure the depth of your sexual attraction to both men and women. So why not take some time to explore your true nature and sexuality with this powerfully erotic file voiced by the enchanting Mistress Clarissa and written and produced by MsJ. Please note that those who meet all four diagnostic criteria will find this recording to be a life changing experience.  40m04s $25.00

Available from Warp My Mind.