Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Basic Maid Training Starring Mistress Clarissa — $25

Nobody cares what the maid thinks ...

Thie file is aimed at all those who wish to serve a Mistress or Master as a feminized or sissy domestic maid. You will be taught exactly what service submission requires and precisely where your place is in the world - which is as a uniformed maid scurrying to and fro serving your Dominant. You will learn how to manage any distracting sexual urges and find that your sexuality becomes orientated towards submission and nothing else. Nobody cares what the maid thinks and nobody will care what you think ever again if you listen to this file. They will simply care that you serve efficiently and with a smile on your face like a good girl. Written and produced by MsJ and featuring the strict English accent of lifestyle and professional dominatrix Mistress Clarissa, this file is perfect for those considering domestic service and will also prove a useful tool for those involved in training household maids

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