Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Time For Re-programming: Slave Training Loop starring Mistress Clarissa

Have you always dreamed of complete slavery to another? Then let Ms Julie and Mistress Clarissa teach you exactly what that means. A wonderful compliment to the recent Slave file, and equally valuable as a stand alone experience, this recording will help you learn exactly what it means to be a slave to a dominant woman. Listen on loop and allow Mistress Clarissa's melodic voice entice you into acceptoing your role in life as a pet, a puppet, a possession ... a slave. The file is gender neutral on the part of the subject and contains references to submission, foot and boot worship, servitide and accepting physical punishment. You will also receive a copy of the script, for private use only, which can be used by Dominants to record their own version of the file should your Mistress be kind enough.

22m36s $20

To listen to a free sample go to:

To download the full version of this file visit:

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