Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Impotent Little Sissy featuring Mistress Clarissa

A very special treat for sissies everywhere, this recording will turn you into a horny, feminized, bimbo hypnoslut who can't think of anything at all except listening to our lovely hypnosis and fucking yourself with a dildo.  But this file will also cause impotence, possible penis shrinkage and prevent orgasms leaving you desperately frustrated as you imagine your Mistress taking you with a strap-on over and over again but never letting you come.

Jointly written by Mistress Clarissa and MsJ, this file comes with a warning that if you listen then you will be unlikely to ever be able to make love to a woman again.  And the most wonderful thing is your little addled mind just won't care as you ride wave after wave of desire and frustration.  So get your panties on, your dildo at the ready and prepare to sink, submit and say goodbye to any lingering traces of manhood for the rest of your life.

39m09s $25 Available now on Warp My Mind at:

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