Thursday, 27 July 2017

Sleeping Beauty starring Mistress Clarissa

An enchanting feminization file designed to be looped whilst you sleep. Close your eyes and drift away as Mistress Clarissa's softly commanding voice takes control of you as you dream and makes the changes you have needed for so long. This is not a typical sissy file, and contains no humiliation, but instead concentrates on transforming you into the sweet, submissive woman you have always been inside. Whilst a certain sluttishness will be installed, alongside a deep rooted desire to be fucked and hints of bisexuality, the main purpose of this recording is to give you confidence to become a delicate, feminine and obedient girl. This experience will be very powerful and you should only listen to this file if you are sure that you wish to live all, or at least some, of your life as a woman. Written and produced by feminization expert MsJ, you are likely to find this file to be life-changing.

18m06s £15 Available now on Warp My Mind at:
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