Friday, 8 October 2010

Sissy Cocksucker - Cure or Curse

This file is aimed at those who have desires to be dressed as a woman, treated sexually as a woman and most importantly to be used by men. Those for whom this is just a passing fancy should be completely cured of all sissy desires by this curse. However some sissies cannot be changed at all. Being a sissy is so ingrained into their personality and identity that it is impossible for me or any other hypnotist to ever change that. This file will not work on those sissies and may well make them worse. The file is the first in a series, some sissies may require further treatments after listening to this file which will become available in time. At the very least this file should diagnose the depth of your sissy condition. The file is also rather filthy. Ms Julie is not responsible for any failure to cure your sissy cock sucking desires, some people just cannot be changed.

MsJ - Sissy Cocksucker - Cure or Curse Price: $30

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Meet bitchboy

This is bitchboy from Bradford, Massachusetts.  It likes dressing in it's wife's lingerie and drinking piss, but the poor woman who married it doesn't know a thing about it.  Perhaps she should?  Do you recognise that lingerie?  Do you recognise that pathetic thing between his legs?  It's pretty distinctive after all, we in the Conspiracy have barely seen one so small.  It says it's name is Bill, perhaps wee willie winkle is more appropriate.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Addicted To Cock

This is what twinkle over on warpmymind had to say about a file that will be available free on this site soon.

"I have listened to all the files a number of times now. Like the cock suck file very much. It had an effect on me after 2-3 times. After hearing for a week I was obsessed. Looked at all the bulges like never before. I also discovered that my looking made some men understand what I was after. Yesterday when I went to the hairdressers, the guy took me into the back room to shampoo and rinse. He stroked his cock outside his jeans and I immediately licked my lips. Seconds after I had his throbbing cock in my mouth. How wonderfull ! Leaving I even got a 25% percent price reduction. For the money I saved I bought a lilac panty... Thank for this sexy file - love from Twinkle!"

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Feminizing You and the USA!

American men are so macho, running around the world starting wars and causing problems.  Thinking that they are so butch with their guns and their uniforms.  Well no longer.  It stops here and if you have happened upon this page, if you just happened to be surfing away and came across this page, then know it stops here and it stops with you.

Yes sweetie, you have been selected, you have been chosen by an International Conspiracy for complete feminization.  Isn't that wonderful?  We are going to make all those horrible unruly American boys into obedient, submssive and feminine girls.  And it begins with you.  Yes princess, there is simply no escape now.  You have been selected.  You are going to become a girl.  It is just best for everybody concerned, simply best for everbody concerned, that you become as feminine as possible as soon as possible.

Exciting isn't it little one.  What kind of girl will you be?  A maid in a starched uniform, a simpering sissy girl still in diapers, limp, nervous and weak as a kitten.  Perhaps you'll be a bimbo, head full of bubble gum and sucking cock or maybe a street walking whore, turning tricks for 5 dollars a time.  Every girl is different and every girl is special.  You are special princess.  So why not begin by listening to your first file and finding out just how much of a sissy you are ...

Monday, 4 October 2010

Hello girls

Welcome to The International Feminization Conspiracy.  If you are unfortunate enough to be male then you will be changed by what you find here.  But that's ok.  That's really okay.  We both know, deep down, that this is something you want.  So why not just relax, take my hand and let me lead you along the first few steps of your journey.

To get you used to the idea why not listen to one of the training files set to take American men by storm.

More of an old fashioned curse than a traditional hypnosis file, this file will separate the men from the sissies. This file will have no, or little, effect on most men, however some sissy types may find themselves impotent with women, lusting over guys and wearing panties. The curse cannot be removed, by me or anyone else, for reasons which will be obvious if you listen.

Listen if you dare ...

Birth of a Serving Girl

The file is intended for all 'girls' who are curious about Domestic Service. The personality of a young, French serving girl will be implanted on your mind where she will teach you, talk to you and eventually take you over completely. It is a rather long and detailed file and the first in a series. This first file will instil a feminine, gentle and submissive personality, may lower IQ and will increase your submissive desires. It will also create a feminine body image in your mind and teach you how to control your new found female sexuality. It is not however a sex based file. Becoming a maid is a long and arduous journey and not for everybody. It is not about tottering about in a frilly apron fulfilling some cross dressing fantasy but about giving yourself completely to a Dominant and learning that any needs you may have just aren't important. They aren't important at all because you are just the maid. This file will help you develop the right mindset and would be perfect for any girls considering presenting themselves to a Superior as a potential domestic servant.

Birth of a Serving Girl - $30