Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Feminizing You and the USA!

American men are so macho, running around the world starting wars and causing problems.  Thinking that they are so butch with their guns and their uniforms.  Well no longer.  It stops here and if you have happened upon this page, if you just happened to be surfing away and came across this page, then know it stops here and it stops with you.

Yes sweetie, you have been selected, you have been chosen by an International Conspiracy for complete feminization.  Isn't that wonderful?  We are going to make all those horrible unruly American boys into obedient, submssive and feminine girls.  And it begins with you.  Yes princess, there is simply no escape now.  You have been selected.  You are going to become a girl.  It is just best for everybody concerned, simply best for everbody concerned, that you become as feminine as possible as soon as possible.

Exciting isn't it little one.  What kind of girl will you be?  A maid in a starched uniform, a simpering sissy girl still in diapers, limp, nervous and weak as a kitten.  Perhaps you'll be a bimbo, head full of bubble gum and sucking cock or maybe a street walking whore, turning tricks for 5 dollars a time.  Every girl is different and every girl is special.  You are special princess.  So why not begin by listening to your first file and finding out just how much of a sissy you are ...


  1. i dare you to do it to me no defy you

  2. this Chicago sissy princess has listening to MsJ files more and more. she is now shaved and loves her growing collection of bras and panties. her little squidgy bit wrapped in cotton or silk panties everyday and shaved so smooth. this princess want to be lead into total sissy feminization by the guiding hand of Miss Julie.