Friday, 28 July 2017

Boy Crazy featuring Mistress Var

This recording is a remixed version of my Becoming A Girly Girl: Boy Crazy file and features the voice of Mistress Var, a no nonsense London based professional dominatrix and expert in petticoat punishment.
This file will help you continue your journey to permanently becoming the girliest of girls by ensuring that from now on sweetie, it is boys only. This file will work best if you have previously used the Sexuality Changer file in the same series to remove any lingering unwanted attraction towards women. However the file also works perfectly on its own to have you lusting over men in no time. You may find you develop a crush on a friend or co-worker, this will be more effective if you decide on which guy you want to choose for your first lust filled experience before listening. This is a sexy file, with some explicit language, and is designed to leave you wanting more. Go girl and get boy crazy forever!
1h27s $20 Available now from Warp My Mind at:
For more information on Mistress Var you can visit her website at:

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