Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Prettiest Princess starring Mistress Var

A special treat sissies. I am delighted to announce that expert sissy trainer and strict diciplinarian Mistress Var will be joining me to help sissies everywhere to truly blossom. We shall begin with some of my older files, remixed and revoiced, to bring a whole new dimension to my sissy training regime. This recording is a remixed version of my Becoming A Girly Girl: The Prettiest Princess file and features the voice of Mistress Var, a no nonsense London based professional dominatrix and expert in petticoat punishment. The other files in the Girly Girl series will be available very soon.

This file is designed to permanently change your mind so you always think and behave like the girliest of girls. You will desire to experiment with the girliest clothing, think about the girliest things and act in the most girlish manner possible at all times. It will also teach you the correct way that a girly girl like you should act around both women and men. This file will not make you attracted to guys, you will have to wait for later files in the series for that, but you may feel any attraction you have felt towards to other girls begin to diminish. This file is completely non sexual, but rather a foundation file for the Becoming A Girly Girl series. 

55m41s $20 Available from Warp My Mind at:

For more information on Mistress Var you can visit her website at:

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